Union of Black Episcopalians holds up hopeful vision of who we can be

The Rev. Carlye Hughes is in Salt Lake City as part of the Diocese of Fort Worth’s deputation to General Convention. She attended a gala hosted by the Union of Black Episcopalians on Tuesday evening.

“Today was the first time I have been able to attend a Union of Black Episcopalians event — and what a first time. A gala held in conjunction with General Convention. Honorees tonight and the speakers that presented them held up a picture of who we can be as church, people, and a nation. Amazing the vision held by those who have stood against racism and other forms of oppression for decades. You would think they might be discouraged, but no — instead, they were fired up and hopeful. Wow — what a way to start this thing.”

Presiding Bishop nominees share vision, answer questions

Members of Fort Worth’s deputation to General Convention attended the forum organized Wednesday afternoon to introduce the the four nominees for Presiding Bishop. Many more watched the presentation through the General Convention Media Hub‘s live streaming video. This was the first time such a session has been held, allowing the nominees to introduce themselves, present their vision for the church and answer questions submitted from around the Church on a range of topics.

“I will feel better about the part deputies play in confirmation thanks to this time. Well done, committee.” – The Rev. Carlye Hughes

Watch on-demand video of the presentations and the question-and-answer period:

“Great to see you! Love ya! Gotta go!”

As deputies, bishops, and guests continued to pour into Salt Lake City’s Salt Palace Convention Center all day Tuesday, happy encounters of old friends were happening all over the place as people rushed from registration to the exhibit hall to committee meetings to after-hours events.

Someone joked that “Great to see you! Love ya! Gotta go!” should be the motto of General Convention. If friends were lucky, they were able to make a quick plan to meet later. Otherwise, they lived in hope of finding time to catch up.

While the numbers of days that General Convention lasts have shrunk, the amount of work has not. So days begin before 7 pm and end well after 10 pm. People learn to pace themselves early on.

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