Education resources

In addition to worship and legislation, General Convention always features an exhibit area with all kinds of resources. Take a look at a few below.

Norm visiting an exhibit
Norm visits a booth hosted by the Episcopal Conference of the Deaf and visits with a representative about their ministry.

Hope shopping at an exhibit

On the last day exhibits were open, Hope Benko took some time to look at some of the many books and other resources on display.

Forma – Christian Formation

20150629-forma snip

Forma, an organization dedicated to Episcopal Christian Formation resources, had a booth to show curricula and other resources. Take a look at Forma’s YouTube channel for several short videos on aspects of faith formation.

Education for Ministry

Hope Benko passes by the Education for Ministry booth
Hope Benko passes by the Education for Ministry booth

Education for Ministry (EfM) is one of the adult learning resources profiled in the exhibit hall.  The ministry of theological education celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. If you haven’t been through the EfM program, check it out on our diocesan website and find a group near you.

Forward Movement

The Forward Movement publishes several popular formation resources such as Daily Devo devotionals for families, Confirm, Not Conform resources for confirmation classes, and the Forward Day by Day devotionals that are often found in the tract racks and back tables of churches throughout The Episcopal Church.

In addition to all of these, Forward Movement is involved in the immensely popular Lent Madness. If you haven’t made a bracket of saintly souls and voted on your favorites, try it this coming Lent.

Jordan Haynie Ware stops for a photo with the winner of this year's Golden Halo - St. Francis of Assisi.
Jordan Haynie Ware stops for a photo with the winner of this year’s Golden Halo: St. Francis of Assisi. St. Francis is wearing a purple scarf in support of more women bishops in higher offices of The Episcopal Church.


Reflections on Worship – Monday, Day 5

This morning’s Eucharist, like all I have attended at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, was both moving and meaningful.

The first lesson was from Ezekiel. We are reminded that we are God’s sheep and that he will provide leadership and care. Psalm 87 was sung, led by the exceptional choir. The second lesson was a reading from Timothy, where we are enjoined to spread the word, and be rewarded by the Lord, the Righteous Judge.

The Gospel was the story of Jesus repeatedly asking Simon Peter if he loved him (Jesus), and directing Peter to “feed my sheep.” Jesus then gave an indication of Peter’s fate to come, and concluded with “Follow me.”

The homily was by Archbishop Vicken Aykazian, Legate of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America.


He noted that we were celebrating the feast of St Peter and St Paul, and gave a brief reference to the lessons, then began his story. I expect that you can find the video online, so I’ll just recap a few impressions. I had forgotton what I might have known about the genocide of the Armenians. It happened in what is now Turkey, early in the 20th century. The people were ejected from their homeland of 3,000 years; two thirds of an ethnic population of over one and a half million perished. Over 2,600 monasteries were destroyed, and over 4,000 clergy killed.

Episcopalians in this country received refugees and opened doors. We were thanked for our generosity and grace.   I can only assume that not all were so welcoming.

The homily was moving, and well received.

Some other interesting factoids: We served about 2,200 at the Eucharist – in less than 10 minutes. There were 12 stations with multiple servers. We used 48 loves of bread and 96 bottles of wine.

20150629-bread and wine

On Sunday (yesterday), we served over 5,000 in less than 12 minutes.

I have enjoyed each and every daily Eucharist at GC2015. Somehow we manage to successfully combine all that makes an Episcopal service special with numbers that rival mega-church.

Thanks be to God!