Evangelism in the digital age

On Monday, the House of Deputies adopted resolution B009, related to digital evangelism; now it goes to the House of Bishops. This topic seemed to energize several deputies and other Episcopalians using Twitter, to the point that their internet friends who are not Episcopalian started tweeting to ask about it.

Despite his wariness of technology, the Rt. Rev. Scott Mayer decided to try Twitter. This decision was met by a chorus of support from Episcopalians and his fellow bishops on Twitter, and he had coaching from the most qualified member of the Fort Worth deputation, @GodWelcomesAll, the Rev. Jordan Haynie Ware.

Reflections on Worship – Monday, Day 5

This morning’s Eucharist, like all I have attended at the General Convention of the Episcopal Church, was both moving and meaningful.

The first lesson was from Ezekiel. We are reminded that we are God’s sheep and that he will provide leadership and care. Psalm 87 was sung, led by the exceptional choir. The second lesson was a reading from Timothy, where we are enjoined to spread the word, and be rewarded by the Lord, the Righteous Judge.

The Gospel was the story of Jesus repeatedly asking Simon Peter if he loved him (Jesus), and directing Peter to “feed my sheep.” Jesus then gave an indication of Peter’s fate to come, and concluded with “Follow me.”

The homily was by Archbishop Vicken Aykazian, Legate of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America.


He noted that we were celebrating the feast of St Peter and St Paul, and gave a brief reference to the lessons, then began his story. I expect that you can find the video online, so I’ll just recap a few impressions. I had forgotton what I might have known about the genocide of the Armenians. It happened in what is now Turkey, early in the 20th century. The people were ejected from their homeland of 3,000 years; two thirds of an ethnic population of over one and a half million perished. Over 2,600 monasteries were destroyed, and over 4,000 clergy killed.

Episcopalians in this country received refugees and opened doors. We were thanked for our generosity and grace.   I can only assume that not all were so welcoming.

The homily was moving, and well received.

Some other interesting factoids: We served about 2,200 at the Eucharist – in less than 10 minutes. There were 12 stations with multiple servers. We used 48 loves of bread and 96 bottles of wine.

20150629-bread and wine

On Sunday (yesterday), we served over 5,000 in less than 12 minutes.

I have enjoyed each and every daily Eucharist at GC2015. Somehow we manage to successfully combine all that makes an Episcopal service special with numbers that rival mega-church.

Thanks be to God!

What’s happening on Day 5 of General Convention?

Today, legislative committees are meeting from 7:30 to 9:00 am, with worship at 9:30 am (Utah time).

Watch live at 10:30 am our time on the Media Hub.

Following the service will be a brief legislative session from 11:00 am to 12:45 pm.  Legislative Committee Chairs will meet together for lunch today, followed by a four-hour afternoon legislative session.

The House of Deputies and the House of Bishops will meet separately for those legislative sessions. Since the General Convention is a bicameral (or two-house) body, whatever legislation one of them passes must then be sent to the other for concurrence.

You can watch either session live on the General Convention Media Hub as well. Here’s what they’ll be talking about:

House of Deputies – view the calendars.

House of Bishops – view the calendars.


There are numerous other activities going on all day today. Here are some that are scheduled:

All Day – Children’s Program
All Day – Episcopal Relief & Development: I believe that all children & families deserve a healthy start in life
All Day – United Thank Offering Blue Box
All Day – Young Adult Festival at General Convention – Segment One: “Why Serve”
All Day – Young Adult Festival at General Convention – Segment Two: “Kindling”
8:15 AM – Conversations with General Seminary
1st Half of lunch break – CPG Lunchtime Learning: The Nuts and Bolts of High Deductible Health Plans
2nd Half of lunch break – CPG Lunchtime Learning: CPI Author Spotlight: Beth-Sarah Wright
12:10-1:00 PM – The Annual Meeting of the Episcopal Women’s History Project
1:00 PM – AA/Recovery
2:00 PM – ECW Triennial Workshops 2015
4:00 PM – ECW Triennial Workshops 2015
6:00 PM – Latino Ministry Fiesta
6:30 PM – Bishop Gathering
7:30 PM – Ice Cream Social, Diocese of Maryland
8:15 PM – Integrity Eucharist