Get up, girl! You’re not dead yet!

Our presiding bishop’s sermon, reflecting on the reading from Mark’s Gospel, was that of a woman about to be free. In four months, Katharine Jefferts Schori hands off the office of presiding bishop to Michael Curry and moves into a well-deserved retirement.

She spoke with a vigor I haven’t heard before – and I’ve heard some excellent sermons from her.

Sunday, she spoke very forcefully about the gospel lesson – the two healings by Jesus: one of a 12-year-old and one of the woman suffering from hemorrhage. In response to the healing of Jairus’ dead daughter, Bishop Katharine reminded me what may have been said was “Get up! You’re not dead!”  I translated that to mean, “Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth, get up – you are not dead!  We need to get out there and be about what Christ has called us to do.”

Her words to the church were powerful words.  There has been enough of the finger pointing, finger wagging about our church from within and outside, and it is now time to look at life  as new territory and crossing old boundaries to do God’s ministry, just as Jesus did  in each of His healings.

“Get up, girl! You’re not dead yet!”

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Some images from worship on Sunday

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A glorious day

Saturday was a glorious day for the Episcopal Church. We, the House of Bishops and House of Deputies selected, with the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit, the next Presiding Bishop of our beloved church. As you know, the Bishops elected on the first ballot-something unprecedented in recent history. I believe we have elected one who is a true evangelist, who shares his love of Jesus freely with all of God’s children. He has certainly done that in his Diocese of North Caroline. I have known Bishop Michael for a long time and am a big fan of his as a champion of the Gospel. I can’t wait for our Diocese to get to know him in a very personal way. Please continue pray for us as we continue to do the business of the church.


What’s happening on Day 4 of General Convention?

There are no legislative committees or sessions in the morning today, but many people will still be up and at it first thing.

The worship service, including the United Thank Offering ingathering, begins at 10:00 am in Utah.

Watch live at 11:00 am our time.

There will be one legislative session in the afternoon, with the bishops and deputies meeting separately. You can watch either of those sessions live on the General Convention Media Hub as well. Here’s what they’ll be talking about:

House of Deputies – view the calendars.

House of Bishops – view the calendars.

A “priority calendar” will include topics where debate and discussion is anticipated, and each resolution will be voted on separately.

Items on a “consent calendar” are usually not expected to require discussion or debate, so they’re voted on together in one block.

In the evening, the Fort Worth deputation has the option to get together with other deputations in our Province,  Province VII.

Bishops march against gun violence in Salt Lake City

The bishops and many others started early Sunday morning, with a 7:15 am march: “Claiming Common Ground Against Gun Violence.” The march was organized by Bishops United Against Gun Violence.

Watch more videos from the Episcopal News Service about the march, which was also covered on TV news in Salt Lake City.

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The convention is also voting on related resolutions, such as C005 – Decreasing Gun Violence, which is being considered by Committee 8 – Social Justice and United States Policy; Cliff Craig, a deputy from Northwest Texas, serves on that committee. The “C” in the resolution number indicates it was submitted by a diocese, in this case, the Diocese of Los Angeles.

The Diocese of Los Angeles’ Peace and Justice Ministries page has many resources related to gun policy and gun violence.