Using Facebook for 2015 Episcopal General Convention

by Susan Kleinwechter, social media coordinator for the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth

What Facebook is: Facebookit’s the largest social network in existence, used more than any other on the planet.

Not on Facebook? GetStarted! Go to and create an account. Set up your account, upload your image/avatar. Find some friends! You’ll find people you know on Facebook, along with organizations you care about. Need help? Facebook has help here; you bet they want you to understand and succeed using their services. One good tutorial if you’re not familiar with Facebook is Facebook 101 from the Goodwill Community Foundation; they walk you through various privacy settings in your account and help you master posting.

Connect with the Diocese: Go to and “Like” the diocese page. This will allow you to receive updates to the page and post to the page.

Post to our Diocesan Facebook Page: Our page allows posts by fans. Go for it! Post your resources, information, and links to blogs on our page; post to your personal profile as well. Page admins may re-post your information to extend its reach.

Using hashtags: Facebook rolled out hashtag use in 2013, to “help people more easily discover what others are saying about a specific topic and participate in public conversations.” Use the hashtag #GC78 for all posts you want to be findable in relationship to General Convention. You can search for hashtags in your Facebook search bar. Keep in mind that searches show you Facebook content from public posts or from people who are your friends or from groups you are in. Just because you use a hashtag doesn’t mean your post privacy changes.

Go Mobile: Facebook has free mobile apps on every major mobile operating system.

Susan Kleinwechter
Social Media Coordinator at Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth
Independent contractor in communications serving on the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth's communication team and as Communications Director at St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church. Photographer at Lasting Memory Photography. Volunteer. Passionate Episcopalian. Technology advocate. Instigator.