Handy WordPress Tutorials for 2015 General Convention

Good stuff to get you started being a General Convention blogger

by Susan Kleinwechter, social media coordinator for the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth

Not everyone on our deputation is familiar with our website platform WordPress, so we’ve found some information for our self-starting deputies to equip themselves with the details of posting in our General Convention blog.

We’ve found the handiest bunch of video tutorials: WordPress101Tutorials 


EasyWPGuide has simple, easy to read WordPress manuals in English and Spanish they offer for free. Each is a 136-page downloadable PDF that is 30MB in size. If you like page-based learning, this may be for you, but you’ll have to provide your email address in checkout to get their free guide.

Are there other WordPress resources you have discovered to help anyone getting started? Please share them!

Susan Kleinwechter
Social Media Coordinator at Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth
Independent contractor in communications serving on the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth's communication team and as Communications Director at St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church. Photographer at Lasting Memory Photography. Volunteer. Passionate Episcopalian. Technology advocate. Instigator.