“Great to see you! Love ya! Gotta go!”

As deputies, bishops, and guests continued to pour into Salt Lake City’s Salt Palace Convention Center all day Tuesday, happy encounters of old friends were happening all over the place as people rushed from registration to the exhibit hall to committee meetings to after-hours events.

Someone joked that “Great to see you! Love ya! Gotta go!” should be the motto of General Convention. If friends were lucky, they were able to make a quick plan to meet later. Otherwise, they lived in hope of finding time to catch up.

While the numbers of days that General Convention lasts have shrunk, the amount of work has not. So days begin before 7 pm and end well after 10 pm. People learn to pace themselves early on.

But the work is eased by quick hugs and reminders that you are loved, even as you dash down the hall.

And speaking of encounters in the hall:

Committees held their first meetings. The Governance and Structure Committee, to which all the resolutions related to the TREC Reports have been referred, is meeting in an enormous room clearly designed to hold all the people expected to be interested in the work of this committee.  But it was so big, committee members could not see the name cards  of their sister and brother committee members across the way. Suggestions were made that we be issued binoculars along with the iPads containing the Virtual Binders.

GC2015 G&S meeting room

Deputation Chairperson at Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth