Capturing Video to Tell Your Episcopal General Convention Story

Tips for Flips and Smartphones

by Susan Kleinwecher, Social Media Coordinator for the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth

Publishing video to explain and show your event is a great way to cKeep it steady! Pan slowly!onnect to your audience. Using your smartphone, tablet, or Flip video camera is an easy way to capture your video. Planning for success includes understanding the capabilities and limitations of these recording devices and how to overcome them.

Smartphones and Tablets: Most mobile device users take decent HD video. Most mobile devices capture poor sound, because the internal microphone is not powerful. Having said that, we always use what we have, because the worst camera ever is the one you don’t have with you. The major challenges while shooting are stability and lighting. This article offers easy-to-read, common-sense tips for lighting and stability, as well as overcoming the limitations of your camera’s sensors:

Shooting with the Flip camera: Rather than read boring instructions, watch these 2 videos about the Flip. They give an overview of the recording process, tips for successful interviews and panning, and information on downloading to your computer. Yes, some people still have Flip cameras.

I shot the video! Now what do I do?

  • You can upload your own videos to your social media accounts and share them.
  • YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world – upload to your YouTube account and share from there.
  • Publish your video on your other social media sites.
  • Put video in your blog!  Here’s how to get YouTube’s embed code:
  • If you’re shooting for the diocesan communications director, plan to get your video onto your computer; pack your data cable (or borrow one from a nice, new friend)! Follow your communications director’s instructions for downloading the video and sharing it, or uploading it. Follow your communication director’s instructions on when to delete files from the Flip, too.

Power Up! Video typically uses a lot of battery power. Plan in advance for that, and have your power cables handy, or any necessary charging adapter.

Idea time: Powerful video can be shot and edited together with an idea and a consistent approach on what content to record. Talk daily about ideas you have and how the team can execute them. Remember, you’re not filming the 6pm news. Connect-people-to-the-church stories matter, too.

Here are a few ideas:

  • I think the Episcopal Church is…
  • I want the Episcopal Church to be…(one sentence answers, messages of hope or mission).
  • What 3 words would you use to describe General Convention?
  • Pick a theme (worship, prayer, study, debate)  and record something about it each day. Narrate it to explain context.
  • Show the activities – steady pan across a spaces and narrate. Your voice and background noise may be edited out later, but you have to explain what you are showing.
  • A day in the life of a deputy (edited to less than 1 minute).

What other video tips or ideas do you have?

Susan Kleinwechter
Social Media Coordinator at Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth
Independent contractor in communications serving on the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth's communication team and as Communications Director at St. Martin-in-the-Fields Episcopal Church. Photographer at Lasting Memory Photography. Volunteer. Passionate Episcopalian. Technology advocate. Instigator.