The Gift of the UTO Offering

On Sunday, the 8th of July, the morning worship service including the United Thank Offering Ingathering service.  It made a tremendous impact to see the Episcopal Church Woman UTO Representative from each diocese proceed across the stage and offer a financial gift from her diocese.  Due to the generosity of congregations of all sizes, structures, and financial means, the UTO provided 37 grants to dioceses, 2 regional grants, 6 companion dioceses grants, and 8 international grants.   Well over a millions dollars collected and put right back into the community we are called to serve.  As a child I was excited about saving my coins to contribute. I gave as a young woman, but not always as much as possible.  As an older woman with nature’s highlights in my hair, I am so proud and honored to be able to contribute.  It means something to see the longevity, potential, and the power of the ECW, UTO, and a little blue collection box. The Presiding Bishop’s message urged us to, “Keep it simple. Be a gift.  Speak and act for God’s dream.  Go and act for God’s dream.  Boldly go where Jesus has gone before…and invite others to help.” Are you willing?  Am I willing?