Can I get an amen for Crazy Christians?

Every day, I think the worship service cannot get any better.  Every day, I think how amazed I am that the worship service is indeed better than I could have ever imagined. The music continues to be glorious and the Steel Band Orchestra of St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church in Brooklyn touched me in a way that is rare.  (Do you all have a CD available? ) Today, I was blown away by Bishop Curry of North Carolina.  Dear Lord, as we continue our search for a new bishop could you please send someone our way who inspires us to get crazy, speak out, and “stand up against the nightmares of this world until God’s dream for us is realized. “ That quote may be a little off, but I think I have the jest.  We are called to be a little different, a little crazy– to love, give, endure, and follow as faithful believers.  I will never hear the Battle Hymn of the Republic without thinking of this message. I pray that when my faith translates into actions, I am like Mary Magdalene and remain with Jesus when I am frightened or in danger of persecution.