The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth's Deputation to Episcopal General Convention

Capturing Video to Tell Your Episcopal General Convention Story

Tips for Flips and Smartphones by Susan Kleinwecher, Social Media Coordinator for the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth Publishing video to explain and show your event is a great way to connect to your audience. Using your smartphone, tablet, or Flip video camera is an easy way to capture your video. Planning for success includes understanding the capabilities and limitations of these recording devices and how to overcome them. Smartphones and Tablets: Most mobile device users take decent HD video. Most mobile devices capture poor sound, because the internal microphone is not powerful. Having said that, we always use what we have, because the worst camera ever is the one you don’t have with you. The major challenges while shooting are stability and lighting. This article offers easy-to-read, common-sense tips for lighting and stability, as well as overcoming the limitations of your camera’s sensors:

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