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Evangelism in the digital age

On Monday, the House of Deputies adopted resolution B009, related to digital evangelism; now it goes to the House of Bishops. This topic seemed to energize several deputies and other Episcopalians using Twitter, to the point that their internet friends who are not Episcopalian started tweeting to ask about it. Watch the Twitter conversation unfold in the slideshow below. Watch the discussion on the floor of the House by clicking play in the video on the 3rd slide; move the slider at the bottom to about 3:05:00 to begin near where the discussion on B009 starts.

Despite his wariness of technology, the Rt. Rev. Scott Mayer decided to try Twitter. This decision was met by a chorus of support from Episcopalians and his fellow bishops on Twitter, and he had coaching from the most qualified member of the Fort Worth deputation, @GodWelcomesAll, the Rev. Jordan Haynie Ware.

Heads up, Episcotweeps – @jscottmayer is in the House (of Bishops)!