House of Deputies

Live feed when the House is in session

Archived videos of earlier sessions.

Who are the Deputies?

There are just over 800 deputies, both lay and clergy, from every diocese in The Episcopal Church. Click for a list of all the deputations, and then click a deputation’s name to see its members.

What are they working on?

View daily agendas.
View the consent calendar and priority calendar for each day (download from the right-hand side of the page from the link). The calendars are usually posted the evening before and show which resolutions the House plans to discuss and/or vote on the next day.

  • Resolutions on the consent calendar will be voted on all together in a group. If someone wants to debate a resolution on the consent calendar, they first need to persuade the House to move it to the priority calendar.
  • Resolutions on the priority calendar will be voted on individually; these resolutions usually involve more involved discussion and debate.
  • There are also sometimes resolutions in the daily calendar that don’t fit in either of the other two categories.

Voting is the culmination of the work, however. Preliminary discussion takes place in legislative hearings. Download the list of all the legislative hearings, including the date, time, and location of each meeting, and the resolutions each committee is discussing.

What have they already finished?

View the most recent Election Status Report (on the right side after opening the link) to see who has been elected to which office at this General Convention.

View the most recent HoD Daily Journal to see all the actions taken, on every motion that has been so far considered. There is also an “HoB Daily Journal,” detailing actions of the House of Bishops, so make sure to click the one you want.

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth's Deputation to Episcopal General Convention

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